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Estate Planning & Wealth Management Law

Estate Planning & Wealth Management Law

Effective estate planning and strategic wealth management protects and preserves financial interests while providing long-term predictability and security for individuals and their families. Proper planning for the future helps reduce tax liabilities, minimizes litigation, and promotes conservation of the estate during the client’s lifetime and beyond.

Traditional estate planning involves complex legal and tax considerations as well as business and property management issues. More importantly, it requires a high degree of sensitivity and understanding. At Holzer Patel Drennan, we provide practical and actionable advice on wealth protection and wealth transfer through the development of integrated long-term financial succession strategies to ensure peace of mind and accommodate unforeseen events.

The professionals at HPD provide a multitude of estate planning services including advice on:

• Individual, estate, and gift tax considerations;
• Wills;
• Living wills;
• Revocable living trusts;
• Irrevocable trusts;
• Family limited partnerships;
• Medical and financial power of attorney;
• Health care decisions; and
• Charitable donations.

We understand the emotional impact that estate planning can have on individuals and their families and we recognize that the decision-making process can become burdensome when it comes to the allocation and distribution of assets. HPD’s attorneys work hand-in-hand with our clients to create a path to effectively reach their unique objectives while taking into account all financial, personal, and planning goals.