At the spring meeting of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) in Lima, Peru, Chirag Patel will be moderating a panel discussion on TransPacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. While the TPP has been controversial in some of the participating countries, especially USA, most observers believe that it will be ratified by all member countries.

During the panel discussion, Rick Holzer will address the IP provisions of the TPP and Chirag Patel will address the eCommerce provisions of the TPP as to how they affect businesses in participating countries, especially United States. John Pinney of GraydonHead (Cincinnati, OH) will be discussing the dispute resolution provisions of the TPP, Fernando Rivadeneyra of Vidaur Mora Espinosa (Mexico) will discuss the environmental law related provisions of the TPP, Carlos Alayza of Alayza Consulters Legales (Lima, Peru) will be discussing the Peruvian perspective of TPP, and Roderick McCloy of SHK Law Corporation (Canada) will be discussing the Canadian perspective of the TPP.