Practice Areas

Our capabilities include a broad range of services in both intellectual property and business law. HPD fosters a collaborative and business-focused approach with our clients to navigate intellectual property ins-and-outs and acumen in business.



Patents can add enormous value to your business. The right patent can increase profits and business valuations while attracting investors. We help our clients protect their inventions and find success by building comprehensive intellectual property portfolios.



It’s a sad reality, but it’s true: there are people who wish to profit off your name. By trademarking your name and/or brand identity, you add value to your business–now and in the future. Trademarks protect your identity and allow customers to differentiate between you and your competitors. Plus, they are an asset and can appreciate in value over time. Trademarks can be sold and licensed, allowing you to earn passively based on identity alone.



Your creative expression deserves to be protected. By copywriting your original works of art, literature, music–even software, you are protecting the ability to earn income from the work you’ve done. A copyright requires others to seek permission prior to using your work and allows you to receive damages should the work be used without your consent. We help our clients protect their work from misuse.


Trade Secrets

If an aspect of your business is confidential, commercially viable, and known to a limited number of people, it’s in your best interest to protect it. Trade secrets may be sold or licensed, adding value to your IP portfolio. Find out if your trade secrets need protection.


Business Law

To make the best business decisions, you need the best partner for your legal services. Let us help you navigate the challenges in today’s business environment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up, small/mid-size business, or large international enterprise, we can help assess risk, develop strategies, and meet objectives to strengthen your intellectual property portfolio. In this competitive global marketplace, rely on our broad knowledge and firsthand industry expertise.