Your creative expression deserves to be protected.

By copywriting your original works of art, literature, music–even software, you are protecting the ability to earn income from the work you’ve done. A copyright requires others to seek permission prior to using your work and allows you to receive damages should the work be used without your consent. We help our clients protect their work from misuse. Interested in learning more about the process? Let’s talk.

Our capabilities include a broad range of intellectual property legal services. We help our clients procure intellectual property protection domestically and internationally. HPD specializes in building and managing patent portfolios in many technologies, including:


We also assist clients in securing trademark, copyright, and trade secret protections. HPD represents clients in licensing and technology transfer activities, whether in-bound or out-bound. When our clients enforce intellectual property rights against infringers or defend against the intellectual property assertions of others, we assist in the dispute resolution or litigation as subject matter and intellectual property legal experts supporting our clients’ litigation attorneys.